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Anyone and everyone who is interested in advancing God's Kingdom, is welcome to attend. Although, we are really interested in connecting with creators and those in media.


We also would encourage anyone who has a project, movement, business or an organisation that's purpose is to help transform Australian culture, to attend. The reason is is that we would like to connect you with specialists in creativity to help you to effectively share your message.


In case you are still unsure about whether you should attend here is a list of those we want to see attending:

  • Storytellers

  • Artists

  • Film makers

  • Producers

  • Visual artists

  • Screen writers

  • Cinematographers

  • Journalists

  • News media

  • Game makers

  • Musicians

  • Performers

  • Authors

  • Sports Entertainers

The list is endless so if you identify as one of these or aspire to be one or are connected in to these industries we would love to have you come along to our gatherings.







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