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Called out for a purpose


Imagine you are recently hired as the new marketing manager at a major company such as Bunnings. It's a fantastic opportunity as all your gifts and talents plus your life's training have led you to this point in your life. Your induction begins and just as with any other company you are given two very important documents. The first is your roles and responsibilities and the second is the code of conduct and company policies. Obviously, it would be wise to familiarise yourself with these documents and you decide to start with the second document, the code of conduct and company policies. So, on your first official day as the marketing manager you are fully across the code of conduct; correct procedures; do's and don't and the appropriate ways to work as a Bunnings employee. However, for some reason you decide to neglect your roles and responsibilities as the marketing manager. In fact, you simply do not fulfil the very purpose you were hired for. 


The unfortunate thing about this scenario is that it is being played out everyday across Christendom. Many are fully across the Biblical code of conduct and do their best to live out that code. However, many Christians do not carry out their specific role, an assignment, that they have been designed to for. 


One of our major goals at Kingdom Media Collective is to activate Christians in their assignments. 




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